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First siblings: White House hasn't changed Barack and Michelle

President Obama is more focused on achieving his second-term goals than he is on a potential election loss, but his sister said that outcome has crossed his mind.

“He’s a pragmatist on some level, so he has had to consider the possibility,” Maya Soetoro-Ng said Thursday on TODAY. “That being said, he’s not operating with the assumption that he will be leaving any time soon. He really feels that this second term is needed to implement his vision and he’s confident that people will recognize the difference between the two platforms.”

Obama’s sister, along with his brother-in-law, Craig Robinson, made a joint appearance earlier this week at the Democratic National Convention to speak about the personal side of their famous siblings.

They told Savannah Guthrie that life in the White House hasn’t changed the Obamas much.

“Not at all, not in the fundamentals,” Soetoro-Ng said. “They touch ground and find their center in their rituals that they have to spend time with family and spend holidays in Hawaii and in the normalcy they provide their kids and they are entirely themselves.”

Robinson said his sister, Michelle Obama, was able to settle into the White House once she realized she and the president could establish a home similar to the one she had growing up.

“We had a very normal childhood, and she wanted that sort of normalcy, full of down-home values, education, hard work, and she wanted that for her girls,” Robinson said. “Once she realized that she could have some semblance of that in the job she has as mom-in-chief, I think she became much more comfortable and just began to thrive.”

Eun Kyung Kim is a political contributor for TODAY.com based in Washington. Her fabulous siblings are famous in their own way.

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