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Kids vote, predict Obama as election winner

Some of these voters are barely old enough to stay up and watch the presidential debates, but that didn’t stop them from predicting the winner of the race.

The nation’s students have picked President Obama to win a second term, according to results announced Tuesday in the Scholastic Student Vote. The mock election is held every four years and its results have mirrored the outcome of all but two general elections since 1940.

Obama won this year’s vote with 51 percent of the students’ support. Republican Mitt Romney received 45 percent of the vote. The children cast 4 percent of their vote for other candidates.

The mock election is conducted through paper ballots distributed in Scholastic classroom magazines, a staple in schools nationwide, and through online voting at Scholastic’s website.

It was open to students under 18 and was intended to provide youth with a chance to learn about the presidential candidates and the issues surrounding their campaigns.

Nearly a quarter of a million students cast ballots from August 15 through Oct. 10.

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