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It's a draw! Watch artists ink the debate in real time

Anthony Quintano/NBC News

The final drawing, created live as the debate went on.

Political talking points have never looked so artistic.

In real time as President Obama and Governor Romney duked it out Tuesday night, artists commissioned by NBC News sketched the discourse.

Anthony Quintano/NBC News

Artists take marker to paper for the 90-minute project.

Anthony Quintano/NBC News

The artists are part of a group called Whiteboard Animation Studio in Brooklyn, New York.

From job creation to Big Bird, each topic that came up during the 90-minute debate is rendered in the illustration. 

Anthony Quintano/NBC News

Three people in total worked on the drawing, whose topics spanned the debate's biggest talkers.

Want to watch it all happen? Click on the time-lapse video, below. 

A team at NBC News create a real-time visualization of the Presidential Debate at Hofstra University.

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