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Biden: I'm 'surprised' Romney agreed with us on foreign policy

Appearing on TODAY, Vice President Joe Biden said that he was "surprised" by Gov. Mitt Romney's agreement with the president on foreign policy issues in the debate, eschewing his previous criticisms of the administration on international affairs.

"Just a couple weeks ago when I debated Congressman Ryan, Congressman Ryan was laying out the foreign policy with regard to what he and what Gov. Romney believed; the overwhelming criticism of our positions in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and across the board. And tonight, Gov. Romney seemed to be rushing to agree with everything the president had done already."

"I was surprised," he added.

Vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan praised running-mate Mitt Romney's foreign policy stances at the final presidential debate.

Ryan, who also appeared Tuesday on TODAY, defended his running mate’s debate performance. He said Romney was clear about how his foreign affair policies differed from those of the current administration. He called Obama’s engagement strategy with Iran, Israel and other nations “naïve.”

“Mitt Romney did a fantastic job of spelling out his foreign policy doctrine. I know it sounds like a cliché, but peace through strength is a doctrine,” he said.

Asked about the state of the drum-tight race for the presidency, Biden pointed to swing state polls where Obama appears to be holding a lead.

"I think we will win Ohio," he told Matt Lauer. "I think we're going to win Florida."

Biden, who appeared from Toledo in the middle of a three-day Ohio swing, said that supporters' energy on the ground there points to an Obama win. "The enthusiasm is real," he said. "The polling that I'm seeing is that we're still ahead."

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