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Bo Obama gets four more years in White House digs

Chuck Kennedy / The White House

See the Obama family's frisky Portuguese water dog pup sink his paws into his classy White House digs.

Updated 1:45 a.m. ET: Nobody loves living in the White House more than Bo, the Obamas' dog: He is constantly petted by passers-by, enjoys play-dates with the dogs of Sasha and Malia's friends, and every so often, gets a swanky new portrait taken on the lawn 

Still, life under the spotlight can be tough on a pooch: Remember when the president said they'd put the Portuguese water dog on a diet

For those already eying 2016, Bo will be eight when he leaves the White House. That’s 56 in human years, meaning he’ll be older than the president. Who will be walking who then?  

And don't get any ideas that Bo will get a companion. Obama said during his victory speech that one dog was probably enough.

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